We are pleased to announce the Introduction of our “Branch-Linking for Business Owners” Service which allows you to connect multiple branches together in one secure cloud-based network.

This is ideal as follows:

1. You have a head quarter for your multi-branch service and want to link all under one network.
2. You want to manage your applications (like ERP/Accounting Systems), staff & business operations in one single network
3. Linking branches in Bahrain and cross-countries!
4. The network will be very fast for your applications – use the system as if you are using it locally! As fast as reliable!
5. Secure
6. Guaranteed automated secure backups on multiple locations!
7. 24/7 technical support availability
8. For medical hospital & clinics: Patient creation/details, appointments, treatment details and saved images; all are synced in real time
9. Cost effective: we charge 75% lower than market value: contact us for a quote.
10. We use cloud computing technologies, VPN and HTTPS technologies for this service.