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We at Batelco take quality extremely seriously, Invent ITS met and exceeded our level of quality standards. That’s the best testimony I could ever give to any service provider. I expect this company to grow exponentially in future. See Project Details

Mr. Al-Jishi,Hussain, – Strategic Program Manager, Batelco - Bahrain

This was part of an enormous but short cycle project where we were faced with complex database requirements from our high profile end-user. We had to manually populate a number of 30 MS Access Databases to satisfy the project requirements. The best decision I made was to contact Invent to come out with their intelligent rescuing solution that saved huge time and made it possible to submit those databases to our end-user. Every time I call them for an amendment, they come back next day with the modifications all done. They were simply astonishing. See Project Details

Mr. Jaffar,A.,Mohamed, Senior Project Engineer - Technical Lead, General Electric - Bahrain

Being a startup, we were looking for a highly experienced marketing company and Invent ITS met that and more! They were there from day one and still around, even after closing the project.

I have worked with Invent ITS over a period of 4 months and they always impressed us with their passionate and focused drive to create and expand the visibility of our product line to its targeted market segment. We have utilized Invent ITS services in creating a variety of creative material…Read all Or See Project Details

Mr.Isa, Ahmed, – CO-Founder and Managing Director, Rhinotire- Bahrain

I had used EMR since 2007. Currently Using Invent ITS software since 2014. The software is easy and includes all of what I need, appointment, progress note, list of procedures, prescriptions and accounting. This software made my life easier in the clinic as a doctor and as business administrator.
The other advantage that the Invent ITS team will do all changes and customization I need. The support team is excellent and available when needed.Read Project Details

Dr. Hussain Juma, – Professional Dermatologist, Zinj- Bahrain

Meeting Expectations

Choosing an IT company to implement my hospital’s IT infrastructure was a headache; I literally met dozens of companies until I was finally led to Invent ITS. They were there from day 1, all the way to completion, provided me with all IT services I needed. Invent ITS helped me launch several new initiates, saved week’s worth of management time. Frankly speaking, they are too smart to let go; professionally speaking, I highly recommend their professional services. Read Project Details

Dr. Munem Haffadh, HSDH

We always hesitated to employ a vendor to develop a complete new GL system from scratch to meet our specific financial needs. Honestly, the work done by “Invent ITS” exceeded our expectations & simply met all of our needs. Read Project Details

Mr. Nooraldeen Fardan, Senior Accountant, Bahrain Olympic Committee - BOC

Eye-witnessed POSITIVE Change

It is our pleasure to give our testimony for your company.We at Seef Dental worked closely with Invent ITS,represented by Mr.Ali Alhalwachi and his team .We were impressed by the their excellent dedication,knowledge ,service and most of all their commitment to delivering an excellent product . We were exposed to many other Dental program, yet their custom made program was produced after long hard hours of work and thorough research they to fulfill the needs of any professional in our field and I have to say they did an excellent job . Most of all the after sale service and continued support is a rare thing to find in our market but with ITS ,it’s core of business success. We wish you all the best and we look into further co operation for continuous development and innovations in the current application. Ali ,thank you and your professional team. See Project Details

Dr. Sameh Shaheen, Seef Dental, Bahrain

Improvements to Quality & Business Operations

I’ve been in the market for so many years. Simply speaking, I’m not a guy you’d easily convince to dramatically change my whole business operation. “Invent ITS “were ‘too good’ and what they offered me what simply “too good” to reject. They’ve done a good job. See Project Details

Dr. Ali Matter, Ali Matter Consultants Group

Automation, time-saving & ‘Return of Investment’ Outcomes

“Being the first time we worked with Invent ITS we were highly impressed with their efficient team and various solutions they offer. They customized a whole new system for us that other companies failed to even understand. Invent ITS is definitely the company that over-promises and over-delivers!! Well done and all the best!” See more details

Kanwal Malek Showroom Manager

“Invent EMR, Easy life. Love it!”

Dr. Hind Al Fayez Dental Center

“The system is customization, comprehensive and has a strong after-sales-support. What else should I need?”

Dr. Hussain, Al Wejdan Medical Center