Being a startup, we were looking for a highly experienced marketing company and Invent ITS met that and more! They were there from day one and still around, even after closing the project.

I have worked with Invent ITS over a period of 4 months and they always impressed us with their passionate and focused drive to create and expand the visibility of our product line to its targeted market segment. We have utilized Invent ITS services in creating a variety of creative material for our business, including logos, promotional brochures, giveaways, stationary, signboards, website and list goes on and on.

No matter how challenging the theme or the concept, Invent ITS has delivered original material that has captured the feelings we wished to convey in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and consistent with the brand we have been working diligently to establish.

Invent ITS consistently taps into their previous extensive experience in sales, business, project management and web development, beyond their traditional marketing tasks, which enables them to have a direct impact on increasing the reach potential of our product. Invent ITS was instrumental in ensuring the success of our Rhinotire marketing strategy.

Invent ITS was very diligent about ensuring we had quality and correct information on our marketing material in collateral that they were designed and produced from strategy to concept to delivery.

Unlike many marketing service providers of which they disappear once the project got closed, Invent ITS continued to offer professional advice, resolve problems and provided a completed project beyond our expectations. Invent ITS takes their role in creating business seriously, works well with others in planning a detailed approach, and consistently shows the drive to execute it in the most efficient way.

Invent ITS staff are courteous and prompt in all interactions, making themselves available in order to ensure satisfaction with the resulting product, whatever it might be.

I consider Invent ITS a partner and not just a marketing service provider.

Ahmed Isa CO-Founder and Managing Director Rhinotire