Company Profile

The  Company  Profile provides you with a brief overview of Invent ITS, description of our businesses and overall performance, and an update on our strategic direction.With the aim of becoming a global company trusted by our customers, we are committed to making continuous innovations to provide superior products of the best technology and the highest quality to meet every user’s needs.

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Website Design and Development

This document illustrate a sample of websites created by invent ITS some of

[1]  See more on InventERP – The Client here

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Tamkeen Marketing – Rhinotire Story

This document illustrate an example of a full “Tamkeen Marketing Cycle” done for one of our clients “Rhinotire – Bahrain”. The document is fully illustrated with pictures, simple but yet provides a clear insight of how do we take care of our clients and it reflects how keen we are when it comes to details.

[1]  See more on Rhinotire – The Client here

[2]  Promo Clip for Rhinotire – The Client here

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This document illustrate a full image of what InventERP is and why it’s the best choice for any business, also it shows the software features and the reason why it is the best software in the market.

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Legal Notice

This section includes our legal notice file.

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