Caller App is a revolutionary solution created by Invent ITS. The idea is simply: knowing who is calling you while tracking all your incoming and outgoing calls!

For businesses who receive a lot calls like: Call centers, restaurants, gyms, clinics and medical firms, travel agencies: they all need a way to track and manage all calls they get.

The application simply answers the following questions:

1. Who is calling me now?
Answer: the application is connected to your internal customer list (database), it will detect the caller and tell you if the call you are receiving is an existing customer or a new caller (unknown? may be a potential customer)

2. Can I keep track of all calls we received?
Answer: yes. Through a simple yet a dynamic tool, you are able to track all calls (incoming and outgoing) to your business line.

3. Can I get a list of calls I missed (missed calls report)?
Answer: yes, and not only that; you can also categorize them into: your customer vs new numbers!

4. how can the application do such tracking?
Answer: the application comes shipped with 2 main components:
• The callerApp device: a device which connects to your existing telephony system while at the same time talking to your internal customer database list and the callerApp application
• The callerApp application: this is the main tool you use to detect and track calls