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Invent EMR works with you to the finest details of your job.

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Connect to your xray device with a click.

10 Years of Development & continuous improvements allowed this product to dominate the medical market needs in Bahrain!

Mohamed,Ali- Development Manager at Invent ITS
Invent EMR Solution - Appointment Screen

Invent EMR Solution – Appointment Screen

Note: The above clip illustrate the dental version of our EMR. The EMR system come in 2 flavors for dentists and general practitioners 
Medical & Dental EMR/EHR System:

Amongst several areas of expertise, Invent ITS provides the full spectrum of “EMR Health Management Services” (Both Dental EMR & General Health EHR/EMR) starting from Networking & Hardware expanding to patient Management, Appointments, SMS and Smart Card Integration to Health Imaging Technologies & X-ray.

Main Modules within the Invent EMR Solution:

  • Appointments Management: The Appointments Module is the heart of the medical EMR system.  In this section you can quickly examine appointments for the day or week at a glance, and easily manage and schedule appointments accordingly.
  • The Family Module shows you basic details of patients and their family members & thier insurance details
  • Billing Module (account): This is where you see all the medical billings, changes, payments, discounts, financial receipts and printed statements, all tracked nicely. Instalments and payment plans are also managed here.
  • Treatment Plans: This module allows you to enlist and prioritize patient treatment plans. This module is linked directly with the progress and charting module
  • Medical History (Progress) and Charting (only Dental Version): this is where we track all medical history, treatments, prescriptions, medications, allergies, consent letters …etc. The dental version of the EMR provides a rich, dynamic animated-dental chart.
  • Images & Document Management: This module acts like a “document management System DMS” for medical professionals. It allows you to store and manage patients images, files, PDF…etc.,  all in one place. It also gives the feature of password-protecting folders on sensitive images and treatment files.
  • Manage & Security: this where we manage technical features of the EMR solution, assign user privileges and permissions…etc.

IT Medical Services by Invent

  • Invent Health Dental Management Application.
  • Medical Infrastructure Networking & Hardware.
  • Medical Appointments & Patient Billing.
  • Dental Imaging & Scanning Services.
  • SMS & Smart Card  (CPR) Integration.
  • Networking & Hardware supply Inc. CCTVs.

The solution contains seven main modules: Appointments, Family, Account, Treatment Plan, Progress and Chart, Images and Manage.

The below is a list of some of the interesting features of the EMR System:

  1. Multiple Modules from Appointments to Billing and Medical History Tracking
  2. Adaptability & customization: The EMR system is applicable to all professionals: whether you are a dentist, a dermatologist, an ENT ..etc the system can be customized to suit your practice needs.
  3. Fast, Secure and easy to use
  4. The EMR system can be integrated to online aoopintments forms on your website! You patients visit your website, book an online appointment and it shows directly on the reception’s screen, can you imagine?!
  5. The ERM is integrated with a fully automated SMS reminder system. Send bulk SMS, appointment reminders, birthday messages, recall messages …etc all automated at the background.
  6. Integration with Smart Card /CPR (Bahrain Only): capture patients details in 3-5 seconds along with their picture directly into the EMR system.
  7. Alert Pop-ups messages: you may add a special note of a certain patient each time his/her file is opened. For example: once selected you get “ This is a VIP patient, do X,y &Z actions”
  8. Time blocks: if a doctor goes on leave, a time-block can be added on the schedule screen
  9. Forms: you can customize any form you have and insert it into the system. Examination forms will allow capture all details you need on a patient and keep an e-copy of it.
  10. Stylus Pin Marker: you may use a stylus pad to insert hands-free markings on forms
  11. Document Management: you can save any scanned copies, images, PDF files, Excel files ..etc. for each patient for future references.
  12. Signature Device: this can be used for consent forms on surgical procedures for example
  13. Insurance: if you decide to start accepting insurance, the system fully supports the insurance schemes/policies setup used in Bahrain. Special conditions apply for other countries.
  14. Tracking medical History: there are multiple ways to take notes for each patient. This is recommended to be covered during a special training for doctors.
  15. SMS can be integrated to automate sending notifications, reminders, auto-birthday messages & bulk marketing messages to all or only active patients (patients you’ve seen)
  16. Email utility: you can send an email directly from within the system while attaching any files too
  17. Customized Reports: if a report does not exist, a new report can be customized, existing main reports are:
  • Patient details: multiple reports
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and by period payment reports: payments by types report, payments by procedures & discounts report
  • All appointments for a date or date range.
  • All new patients whose first completed procedure falls within a specific date range.
  • Insurance reports (if the insurance module is setup and installed)
Invent EMR Solution - Appointment Screen
Invent EMR Solution – Appointment Screen
The Appointment Module within Invent Medical EMR System allows managing patient appointment with ease and convenience. The module is designed to interact graphically with users to manage appointments of all clinic’s/hospital’s operatories from a single screen. It serves more than just a module for appointment creation, but also as a status screen for each patient from the moment an appointment is made till he leaves the clinic/hospital. Additionally, based on our experience of working with numerous clinics/hospitals, this module was built to allow users to create an appointment within seconds to avoid patients having to wait for long on the phone.

Invent EMR Solution - Patients List Screen
Invent EMR Solution – Patients List Screen
Invent EMR Solution - Confirmations Screen
Invent EMR Solution – Confirmations Screen
Invent EMR Solution - The Family Screen
Invent EMR Solution – The Family Screen
The Family Module within Invent Medical EMR System connects all family memebers registerred within the clinic/hospital under a single family account. This allows easy balance and insurance tracking, as well as eases of communication between the family guardian and the clinic/hospital.

Additionally, the Family Module allows editing patient’s personal details as well as adding patient’s photo. The Family Module is capable of storing lots of information about a patient, most clinics/hospitals are overwellmed by the amount of information it can capture about a patient; however, it does not stop there. For Clinics/Hospitals ambitious to capture more information about their patients, the Family Module has advanced capabilities allowing users to add whatever fields they desire that are not already available in the module.

The Family Module allows linking an Insurance Plan to the patient’s file. Thu, governing the way the patient gets charged based on this plan. Invent Medical EMR System provides a powerful engine to create and allocate insurance plans that ensures ease of operation and at the same time accurate calculations. It is an engine capable of handling multiple insurance plans for the same patient. It is a versatile engine that is designed to cater for all insurance scenarios. The insurance plan engine can then be integrated with the payment and reporting system. Not to forget its incredible ability to perform online claims by communicating with Insurance Company Servers.


Invent EMR Solution - The Billing & Account Screen
Invent EMR Solution – The Billing & Account Screen
The Account module is where the patient’s finances are organized. It lists financial transactions related to patients whether it is a charge or a payment. It automatically captures due payments based on the procedures performed within the treatment rooms.

Invent EMR Solution - The Payment Plan (Schedules)  Screen
Invent EMR Solution – The Payment Plan (Schedules) Screen
Invent EMR Solution - The Treatment Screen for General Practitioners (GPs)
Invent EMR Solution – The Treatment Screen for General Practitioners (GPs)
During the patient’s first visit, a diagnostic session takes place to identify the treatment needs and the procedure that needs to take place; this will be normally identified by the doctor. As this is taking place in the Progress Module within Invent Health Management System, the system is automatically creating a treatment plan at the background. It is a completely automated process where no human interaction is required. The treatment plan can be directly printed or emailed to the patient, thu showing the patient from the first visit what exactly need to be done over the forthcoming visits. Beside showing the treatment required, the plan also shows the treatment price, how much would the patient pay and how much would the insurance company pay as well. Not to mention the feature of showing the priority of each treatment based on urgency.

Invent EMR Solution - The Treatment Screen for Dentists showing the Dental Chart`
Invent EMR Solution – The Treatment Screen for Dentists showing the Dental Chart
Invent EMR Solution - The Medical History Screen - Progress
Invent EMR Solution – The Medical History Screen – Progress
In addition to the conventional features such as appointments and payment that some other clinic management systems may provide, Invent Medical EMR System dives deeper to manage the activities taking place inside the treatment room via its comprehensive yet user friendly Progress Module.

During treatment, doctors can use the progress module to diagnose the problem that may occur in a patient, and also specify the treatment procedure required to cure the problem. Once the doctor does that, a Progress Note is automatically created to document what the doctor has done in the treatment room. The doctor can then add a note to any procedure planned or had done. Required procedure may be done in steps, therefore the progress module allows users to mark the status of each procedure whether it is a ‘Planned’ procedure or a ‘Completed’ procedure; this give complete visibility to the treatment team as well as to the accounting team that is working in parallel.

Invent EMR Solution - The Dental Charting & Medical History Screen - Progress
Invent EMR Solution – The Dental Charting & Medical History Screen – Progress
Invent EMR Solution - The Perio Charting for Dentists
Invent EMR Solution – The Perio Charting for Dentists
Invent EMR Solution - The Images & Documents Screen
Invent EMR Solution – The Images & Documents Screen
Invent Medical EMR System includes a library of images for every patient. The library could include patient photos, X-Ray images, financial statements or insurance record. Beside storing and viewing images, the module also allows zooming into the images and also editing.

It is also a handy module which allows capturing images from a directly connected or network scanner or camera and automatically storing it into image library. Not to mention that the module allows capturing radio graphs from a properly configured device and storing it to the library. It is a module that contributes to a paper-less clinic.



opaz Signature device which is compatible with its Invent EMR Medical Solutions Product (IDMS for Dentists and IHSM for Doctors/GPs – For more details on the product click here).

Signatures created using a stylus on a Topaz Device which can be used to verify the identity of the person who signed, much like when someone signs using a pen and a piece of paper.  The speed of the Topaz signature stroke is accurately captured and digitally linked to the data which the signature is applicable to.  In the event of signature change, the signature disappears and shows “invalid signature”.  A lot of work has been put into place to capture the signature in such a way that the original data cannot be changed. Furthermore, the way the signature is stored in the database makes it impossible for anyone to retrieve the signature without having the data that the signature applies to.

The signature device can be linked to many areas in the medical system such as:

  • Surgincal Consent Forms
  • Referral Forms/Letters
  • Treatment Plans
  • Images


Unlike other Clinic/Hospital Management Software which concentrate on appointment and payments, Invent Medical EMR System looks at a clinic/hospital as a whole and finds tools to manage each aspect. This includes staff attendance, staff chat, Automated Data Backup and many more.