Capture Patient Signature on Any Form

Invent ITS is pleased to announce the release of “Topaz Signature” device which is compatible with its Invent EMR Medical Solutions Product (IDMS for Dentists and IHSM for Doctors/GPs – For more details on the product click here).

Signatures created using a stylus on a Topaz Device which can be used to verify the identity of the person who signed, much like when someone signs using a pen and a piece of paper.  The speed of the Topaz signature stroke is accurately captured and digitally linked to the data which the signature is applicable to.  In the event of signature change, the signature disappears and shows “invalid signature”.  A lot of work has been put into place to capture the signature in such a way that the original data cannot be changed. Furthermore, the way the signature is stored in the database makes it impossible for anyone to retrieve the signature without having the data that the signature applies to.

The signature device can be linked to many areas in the medical system such as:

  • Surgincal Consent Forms
  • Referral Forms/Letters
  • Treatment Plans
  • Images