As an integral component of Invent Medical EMR System, Invent Automated SMS is an excellent add-on that does what most dental system lack yet what every dentist needs. the module is a complete fully-automated SMS add-on that can be installed along with the Medical EMR System to manage appointments and reminder notification for patients.

“Imagine, you just create the appointment and the system automatically reminds the patient of the appointment!”

The module provides the following features:

  1. Automated Appointment Notification by SMS: The patient will receive an SMS/Email to his/her registered mobile number as per the EMR Database once the appointment is booked in the system.
  2. Automated Appointment Reminder by SMS: The patient will receive an SMS/Email to his/her registered mobile number as per the EMR Database reminding him/her of the next appointment date/time. For example, the SMS reminder can be send 1 day prior to the appointment. The time to send the reminder before the appointment is configurable.
  3. Automated Emails: If a patient has a registered email address, appointment reminders and confirmations are sent accordingly with relevant details.
  4. Single SMS: Invent SMS Module also enables sending individual SMS the same way you send from your own mobile, the only difference is that you will be sending it at an extremely low cost and the message will appear under the clinic’s name on the receivers mobile phone.
  5. Automated Birthday Greetings: A greeting SMS/Email is sent if patients’ birthday is available in the system. The birthday greeting will be sent every day to those having their birthdays.
  6. Bulk SMS and Emails to all Patients: The ability to send a bulk SMS and Emails to all patients for ads and promotions.
  7. Appointment Recalls: If a patinet is involved in a routine treatment or inspection, the intelligent SMS system will send an SMS/Email remainder to the patient a week prior to his appointment to arrange for an appointment.
  8. Payments: Just like banks, the system sends an SMS/Email to patients specifying the paid amount directly after their payment to the clinic/hospital along with the pending balance.
  9. Web-based SMS Portal: The Utility offers a free account with and an SMS Gateway that will allow web-based access to the online SMS Account. This portal will allow users (doctors) manage their personal/business contacts and send single or bulk SMS messages.