email notifier

Automated Daily-List-of-Appointments Email

Would you – as a doctor- like to get an email on daily basis from your medical system showing the list of tomorrow’s patients + appointment timing? This will save you the time of calling your reception every day to check on tomorrow list & help you better organize your timing more effectively.

Feature : Automated daily “list of appointments by doctor” via email through the medical system

1. This system update/release will help you get an email on daily basis reminding you of tomorrows appointments (patient name, mobile, branch & timing).

2. Each doctor can get his own list only
3. Only doctors with appointments list will get the email
4. Only doctors who are setup to get the daily reminder will get it
5. The owner of the clinic can get a list of his appointment + appointments list of all or selected other doctors

Action needed
1. The system is now setup to send the email for the main doctor only
2. If you do not get the email, this means your email may not be updated with us, so please communicate this to us via:
3. If you wish other doctors to receive daily appointments reminders, please get back to us.
Expected activation date 17-20 May 2015
Expected email time Evening around 9 pm -11 pm
Cost Free of charge for AMC users only

if you do not need this to be activated for your clinic, please advise us on