I established ‘Invent ITS’ using my own monthly pocket money! Just like many, I had an ‘Idea’ and I believed in it but like few, I actually started! Today, Invent is a well-know IT company in Bahrain

Ali Alhalwachi, Co-Founder

Invent ITS, a leading IT company in Bahrain

Invent ITS is the best IT company in Bahrain, simply put.

Invent ITS is the best IT company in Bahrain, simply put. Invent provides IT Services including: Software Development, Hardware and Networking, Web Technologies ( Design, Hosting and Development), Online e-marketing and ERP Solutions. The Company is registered in the Kingdom of BahrainC.R. 74139 ,Floor 14- Capital Plus Tower, Seef Area- led by Bahraini professionals with significant domain expertise . The main mission of Invent ITS is to deliver solutions with “Invented Ideas”, solutions that are non-conventional, creative, competitive, and above all, meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

Located in the most prestigious and most dynamic business hub in Bahrain, Invent’s profile is rich of high-scale customers and projects implementation such as Batelco, GE (General Electric) and the E-Gov of Bahrain. The company also dominates the IT field of Customized IT Solutions for Medical institutions and dental firms in Baharin and some GCC countries.

Invent ITS is determined to provide clients in Bahrain & GCC with distinctive solutions in terms of faster turnarounds and lower costs. Invent is proudly considered one of the best IT companies in Bahrain. We only take projects with new ideas; solving a problem; and easing a process or an operation; this is our criteria, simply put.

 We aim to continue working on such a promising idea, “We want to invent solutions with new ideas”.

Invent ITS has been first and foremost a technology solution provider. From our original inception developing IT solutions for our clients to support their information technology needs, we have grown as a value added “Solution inverters”. We are good at finding the perfect match between customer requirements and technology by utilizing our industry knowledge and expertise taking care of procurement, configuration and support services to ensure we provide the highest levels of ”Complete Customer Satisfaction”.

At Invent ITS we are committed to understanding and supporting our customers through every cycle of their business requirements – creating solutions that work for today with the potential to grow for tomorrow. If you’re looking for an IT company in Bahrain to help you with you Information Technology needs, then do not hesitate to contact us.